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Welcome to the
Bosnian Islamic Assoc. Gazi Husrev-Beg

Prayer Times

Fajr - 6:15 am

Dhuhr - 12:40 pm

Asr - 5:00 pm

Maghrib - Sunset

Isha'a - 7:40 pm

Jumuah (Khutba of 30 min. starts at:)

First Prayer  - 12:30 pm

Second Prayer  - 1:30 pm

News & Events

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6-7pm Every Monday After Maghrib Prayer

English Translation

Verily! Allah will never change the condition of the people until they change it themselves (with state of Goodness). [Qur'an, 13:11]

Bosnian Translation

“Allah neće promijeniti stanje jednog naroda sve dok taj narod ne promijeni samoga sebe!” (Kur'an, 13:11)

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